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5 Recruitment Steps To Find The Perfect Plumbing And Electricity Contractors

Running a plumbing and electricity business can be highly lucrative, specifically when new construction projects and building upgrades require water and electricity installations and other essential plumbing and electricity services. Entrepreneurs managing plumbing and electricity companies usually find it difficult to hire the best candidates. Fortunately, there are effective staffing solutions for plumbers and electricians helping businesses improve their hiring process. Here discussed are some plumbing and electricity recruitment steps.

Find out the company’s requirements

Having no clear idea of what a company wants in its employees could make it difficult for the company to hire the ideal candidates. Consider whether the company’s job requirements are intended for entry-level or experienced and skilled plumbers and electricians. In either case, both technical requirements and competency levels for each applicant will vary.

Post a clear job announcement

One of the major staffing solutions for plumbers and electricians is to draft a compelling and clear job announcement and post the same on several channels online and other traditional platforms. The job description must include the type of job, number of candidates required, basic allowance, and also qualifications required for the vacant positions.

Streamline the interview process

The face-to-face interview helps the companies know more about the personality and skill set of applicants. In this step, the hiring manager is required to come up with questions that can help reveal the skills, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities of potential candidates.

Evaluating core competencies and skill sets:

In addition to evaluating the certifications of applicants, companies must also consider the following competencies and skill sets:

  • Technical skills

Depending on the services offered by plumbing and electricity companies, the hiring manager should look for candidates possessing more general or specific skills. The licensed plumber and electrician are required to go through specific training and lecture hours on basic skills. Along with experience in handling basic and advanced plumbing/electricity tools, candidates must be aware of local plumbing and electricity codes.

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

Since plumbers and electricians are required to visit the client’s home for solving different plumbing and electricity issues, they must possess better communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Self-management skills

Plumbers and electricians are required to spend much time in the field. More than being able to work with little supervision, both plumbers and electricians must be capable enough to make the right decisions when in a challenging situation.

Conduct background research on applicants

It is crucial to check the background of an applicant to maintain a safe and secure environment in the plumbing and electricity company. Managers can validate the details of applicants in their resumes by calling references and previous employers and asking them how the applicant was as their employee.


Applying these staffing solutions for plumbers and electricians in the hiring process can help increase the company’s chances of recruiting skilled and qualified plumbers and electricians. It is important to know what can be the right fit for the company. While it is easier to hire fresh graduates for an entry-level position, having experienced candidates can help the company save on training and orientation costs.

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