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5 Things to Check Before Downloading the SBI PO Previous Year Paper

Solving the previous year’s paper is an essential part of the SBI PO exam preparation. It allows you to understand the exam pattern and plan your preparation strategically. Most aspirants download previous papers from the Internet. Here are five things to check before downloading the previous year’s paper.

  • Is the Download Source Reliable?

Every year thousands of aspirants appear for the SBI PO exam. Hence, you will find many aspirants checking different sources to download the previous year’s paper. There are several miscreants ready to take advantage of the demand for previous year SBI PO exam papers. The result is there are several fake websites created to misguide the aspirants and tempt them to download viruses or malicious files that can prevent the normal functioning of your computer.

You should check the source’s reliability before getting the SBI PO previous year question papers with answers PDF free download. Some websites also trick you into paying money for downloading exam papers. Hence, it would help if you double-checked to ensure you are not a victim of a dubious plan.

  • Are the Previous Exam Papers Genuine?

Looking at the previous exam papers’ popularity, many publishers offer model question papers based on the actual exam papers. For inexperienced SBI PO aspirants, these papers may look like authentic previous exam papers, but they aren’t. You need to ensure the exam papers you are downloading from a website are actual previous exam papers and not similar.

Going for such model exam papers is a risky thing. There is no guarantee whether these papers follow the exam pattern or provide questions on essential topics.

  • Does the Download Include Answer Sheets?

Getting hands on the previous year exam papers is not enough. It would be best to look for SBI PO previous year question papers with answers as a PDF free download. The answer sheets will make the evaluation easy and will help in speedy preparation. Suppose you don’t have the answer sheets. In that case, you will have to dedicate a large amount of time to find answers, which is an unnecessary exercise, especially when you have so little time.

  • Does the Site Explain the Question Format?

Most reputed sites provide important information about exam papers so that aspirants can prepare well for exams. The website mentions important sections of each question paper along with marks for each section.  It also gives you a brief idea about the time you will get to attempt each section.

Some user-friendly websites have a dedicated information section and a download section.

  • What Download Format Is Offered?

Some dubious websites trick you into downloading executable files which are computer viruses.  Reputed websites offer the exam paper and solutions in pdf format. If any website offers question papers in other formats, you should avoid downloading them.

The trick behind this strategy is to offer the question paper for free but force you to download specific paid software to access files. It would help if you were alert about such malicious strategies. PDF is a popular format, and several free applications allow you to view these files on your computer.

To sum up, these are some essential things to check when you download previous year SBI PO exam papers from the Internet.

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