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A Deep Dive into Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping is a process in which flat metal sheets can be converted into specific desired shapes. This can be done using dies and extreme pressure whereas pressing is done by applying pressure by pressing.

Some of the types of metal stamping services include

  1. Punching
  2. Drawing
  3. Bending
  4. Flanging and
  5. Coining.

Metal stamping is fast and a solution for manufacturing units that need more metals to be produced on a daily basis.

Types of Metal Stamping Service:

There are three major metal stamping services that need to be looked into for a better understanding of the term metal stamping service. They are

  1.   Progressive Die Stamping

            Progressive Die stamping should be used when metal parts with complex geometry are required. They give a faster turnaround. They are low in labor cost. Repeatability will be higher in this case.

  1.   Four slide Stamping:

            In this method of stamping, four tools are used to shape the workpiece simultaneously. This is also called as Multi-Slide Metal Stampings. Advantages with this stamping method include

  •     Versatility for complex parts
  •     Flexibility for the changes in design.
  •     This type of machine is used to produce wire forms with diameters up to 0.125inches.
  1.   Deep Draw Stamping:

            In this metal stamping service, sheet metal is pulled into a die using a punch which in turn forms into a shape. This type is used for creating components that require a series of diameters. Deep drawn parts are made from a flat metal strip.

A few examples of products that can be made from Deep draw stamping include

  •     Aircraft Parts.
  •     Utensils
  •     Cookware
  •     Automotive components.

Advantages of Metal Stamping:

Metal stamping has its fair share of advantages. Some of them include lower die costs, a high level of automation when compared to other methods, and lower secondary costs.


The main disadvantage of metal stamping includes the higher cost of presses. The dies that are used should be created making it a long pre-production process. When the design is altered because of some unforeseen reason during the production it will be very difficult to change the die all over again.

Applications and Products from metal stamping service:

  •     Electrical Components
  •     High-quality parts required for the construction industry.
  •     Bolts, hooks, and complicated contact elements
  •     Components for appliances like grills, microwaves, toasters, griddles, and many more.
  •     Household tools and power tools.

Metal stamping is used in a variety of ways, mainly for creating three-dimensional designs. Appliances or light fixtures in homes are mostly made using Metal stamping.

Industries in which metal stamping is utilized:

Metal stamping is used in almost all industries. Some of the industries are listed below:

  •     The Automotive Industry
  •     The medical Field
  •     The electronic Industry
  •     The lighting industry
  •     Telecommunications


Metal stamping process cost is low when compared to other methods. It gives a faster turnaround and faster production. As the process is completely automated, the cost of labor will be very low.

Even though the metal stamping process is complicated, it can be achieved with the help of many metals forming techniques like bending, punching, blanking, and spinning.

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