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A Guide to Breast Enlargement Surgery

Many women, especially in Asia, are unhappy with the size of their breasts and thanks to technological developments in the field of breast augmentation, it is possible to have your breasts enlarged to a size that you find suitable. Having very small breasts can have a serious psychological effect on a woman and with plastic surgery that is carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon, you no longer have to feel that you are lacking in this area.

Choice of Incision Areas

When having breast augmentation surgery (known as เสริมหน้าอก in Thai), you have two choices regarding the incision areas; the incision can be directly along the line where the breast meets the chest, on the underside of the breast, or as a secondary choice, the incision can be under the armpit, which is less visible. While the majority of women opt for the under the armpit incision, both are possible and it is down to personal preference.

Government Certified Plastic Surgeons

We have all seen the horror stories of women who have had breast augmentation surgery, then developed major problems that might stem from an infection, poor surgical techniques, or even inferior implants that the body rejects. The best way to safeguard yourself is to only use a plastic surgeon who is government certified to carry our plastic surgery, as this is the only way to be really sure that the surgeon is adequately qualified to carry out such procedures.

Silicone Breast Implants

The surgeon only uses top-quality silicone implants and when you have your initial appointment with the plastic surgeon, he will discuss size with you, as there are several sizes and ideally, you want a size that is in proportion with your body size. Silicone is used as it sits naturally when inserted into the breast, plus there are no issues of rejection, plus the treatment is lifelong, so there is no need to revisit the surgeon.

State of the Art Clinic

The plastic surgeon would work from a state-of-the-art clinic that incorporates the very best equipment and with professional assistants, the procedure is carried out under sterile conditions while the patient is under general anaesthetic.

Online Solutions

If you would like to know more about breast augmentation, the best way to source a reputable plastic surgeon is with a Google search, which would bring up a list of registered clinics, and after some browsing, you can make an introductory appointment at the clinic of your choosing.

Initial Consultation

When you meet the plastic surgeon for the first time, several things would happen; first and foremost, the surgeon will make sure that you fully understand the procedure and that you are 100% certain that you would like to have your breasts enlarged. Once this has been established, the surgeon would then explain in detail how the procedure is carried out, while answering any questions you might have.

Once you are in full agreement with everything, the surgeon would schedule the procedure and book you in, and after a few days of downtime, you are free to live a normal life and will have the self-confidence that comes with having ample sized breasts.

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