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A Guide to Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Whether you own a warehouse or a factory, your roofing is an integral component of the building, which therefore requires regular maintenance. There’s no need to remind you that, without a roof over your business premises, not a lot of work will be done, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects of commercial roofing maintenance to take into account when planning your building maintenance.

  • Regular Roof Inspections – The only way to really know the condition of your roof is to have a commercial roofing specialist actually climb up and carry out a full inspection. The thing about roofing is that minor issues quickly turn into major ones, and with a roof inspection scheduled every 6 months, any minor repairs can be carried out before they cause any damage.
  • Leaking Roofs – A leak can be caused by many things; a strip of silicone that has become unattached, missing fasteners or even storm damage can cause a roof to leak, and should this occur, don’t wait around, rather call in a local company that offers commercial roofing in Perth as soon as possible.
  • Power Wash – Much like the sides of the building, the roof is affected by ground-in dirt and grime and a power wash every few months is the ideal solution to keeping your roof clean. Certain sealants can be applied after the high-pressure wash, which will improve the insulation, plus add another layer of protection against the elements.
  • Guttering – The guttering on every roof provides an essential escape route for excess rainwater and should the guttering become blocked, this could result in water seeping down your exterior walls. There are many things that can block guttering; wet leaves, bird’s nests and other natural debris, can all collect and cause a blockage, which is why you should ask the roofer to clean the guttering out when he carries out the roof inspection.
  • Storm Damage – Commercial buildings are often damaged by flying storm debris, so you should inspect the roof after any bout of heavy weather, just to be on the safe side. Gale force winds can send heavy signage, bins and other industrial items airborne and they can cause considerable damage to a roof.
  • Ventilation – It is extremely important to have adequate ventilation, which is often provided by circular spinning grills that send air throughout the interior, and these do require cleaning, as they get dirty, much like the blades of an extractor fan. This would be something your local commercial roofing contractor can handle, and with two inspections per year, you can always be sure that your commercial roof is in good working order.

It is standard practice to ask the installation company to handle the maintenance, but if they are no longer in business, or you took over the factory and were not supplied with the roofer’s contact details, a Google search in the easiest way to contact a local commercial roofing company.

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