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An Expert Solution: A DCIM Solution

Companies across the globe that utilise data seek proper data management in security. The storage and use of data requires digital software, data centre management systems, data security, and a vast amount of IT equipment such as routers, switches, and proper energy supply. Each working part of this system can easily be manipulated to supply more efficient results.

In contrast, if either the physical system or the software lags, then the data could be compromised, lost, or even stolen. Expert, experienced companies can provide a DCIM solution to ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly.

What Is Data Centre Infrastructure Management?

Datacentre infrastructure management (DCIM) consists of three main components which include servers, storage systems, and network infrastructure. Companies that provide DCIM look at the performance of the system. Is there a sufficient amount of energy being supplied to the network? Is the equipment large enough to store the data and meet company demands? Is all the hardware secured and protected from severe outages?

Aspects even as simple as how the floor space in a building is being used will greatly affect the company’s ability to produce and use its data to the highest proficiency level. Other data centre infrastructure also includes the cooling and powering devices (air conditioners/generators), storage capabilities and their backup, software, servers, computers, networking equipment, cables, and the server racks. Due to these reasons, it is highly suggested to have an expert in DCIM such as DCIM solution assess your company’s needs and demands.

Who Needs Datacentre Infrastructure Management?

Hundreds of companies across the world seek assistance in DCIM from the experts. Any company that utilises data will need to ensure that this data is safe and secured. There are laws, varying by localities, that require privacy in storing private data.

For example, companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that provide online information through social networking have elaborate data centres and therefore require extensive datacentre infrastructure management. Hospitals require use of electronic health records and electronic medical records. All of this data must be stored and accessed easily.

Some of this data is also shared across servers and must meet confidentiality laws. A firewall can be used to protect this data but are there holes in the firewall? Did the person who built the firewall leave a back door open and now someone can easily infiltrate the system? Other examples of companies or agencies that require DCIM include telecommunication companies, educational bodies such as universities, and even government agencies.


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