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At Home Waxing Guide for Beginners

Waxing is a crucial part of women’s skin care routine. It can improve skin texture and keep you stubble free for weeks. In fact, the best hair wax helps with gentle exfoliation with shorter hair re-growth turnaround time and softer body hair too. However, if you are planning a session at home, certain techniques can be helpful. These can be useful to protect you from skin damage like reactions and bumps and ensure a pleasant experience.

Cold wax strips are a safer alternative to the hot beeswax. They are fuss free and do not require powders, spatulas and towels which could get messy.  Therefore, beginners can consider using them for a trouble-free session. Once you have picked your product, read the following guide for the desired result.

Prepare Your Skin

Consider exfoliating the area at least a day before applying hair removal wax. This will remove accumulated dirt and dead skin cells.  You can use a brush or loofah with a mild scrub. Be gentle to avoid scratches which can cause burning sensation while waxing. You can also use natural products available at home like a mix of sugar, honey and lemon.

Ensure the skin is completely dry, that is, free of water, oil, lotion or serums. In case you have had a shower, pat dry with a towel rather than rubbing thoroughly. Consider sprinkling little amounts of powder which can further absorb moisture.

Make sure to trim your pubic and underarm hair in case they are longer than usual. This will prevent tugging and pain. Plus, trimmed hair gets off the skin easily without having to repeat the process. Check for any cuts or nicks on the skin; especially in your underarms. This can prevent discomfort between the waxing sessions. In case you find any, wait for them to heal completely before you can use the hair removal wax strips.

Lastly, patch test is a must. While the best strips are mostly gentle on all skin types, testing beforehand would be a good idea. It can prevent major allergic reactions and irritations.

Safe Waxing Tips

Waxing at home is usually time effective, safe and comfortable. To reap these benefits, consider following the below tips carefully.

  • Be bold, grit your teeth and pull the strips forcefully at one go. Slow peeling can be extremely painful and you might have to terminate the session altogether.
  • Cut the body wax strips in small pieces while using on your fingers, upper lips or eyebrows. This can make the hair removal process quick and easy.
  • Press ice cubes for 2-3 minutes on the areas in case of inflammation or small rashes. You can also apply soothing mint or aloe gel for added comfort.

Post Waxing Care

Avoid using scented soaps or deodorants on the freshly waxed skin. Use gentle moisturizers and lotions to sooth the area. Further, avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent skin discomforts like flaking or chafing. Lastly, avoid rubbing the skin since it is still raw and vulnerable to infections. Try to limit sun exposure too for a few hours, if possible.

Besides these tips, do read the instructions mentioned on the product. Take your time and be patient with the process for best results.

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