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Choosing a Front Door – What a Colour Says About You

Most of us don’t put much thought into the colour we choose for our front doors, we see something we like, and we go ahead and buy it. But did you know that the colour you pick for your front door says a lot about your personality. It will also evoke a reaction in visitors to your home, making them unconsciously assume certain things about the person behind the door. The colours we choose have an impact on people around us.

White Doors

While driving around the neighbourhood, you’ve probably seen many different types of uPVC windows and doors in Melbourne. Many homeowners go for white, but not many of them really know why they are attracted to that colour. If you’ve ever spoken to a colour psychologist, they’ll give you an interesting insight into why people choose certain colours for their front door. A person who decides to install or paint their doors white is seen as a minimalist and perfectionist. If you’ve gone for this colour, many people will think you’ve an organised, clean home behind those doors.

Black Doors

Black is associated with power; it gives off the impression of elegance and authority. If you’ve decided to fit a black door in your home, people will get the impression that you are someone of stature. Choosing this colour makes people believe the owner of the house is a confident, sophisticated individual.

Yellow Doors

Although a less common colour than white or black, you will find many houses with a yellow front door. Yellow is associated with fun and happiness, it is a vibrant colour that says a lot about the person who decided to choose this colour for their front door. Yellow is an attractive colour, that is why the taxis in New York are yellow. It stands out in all types of weather – rain, sun or snow. If you’ve chosen yellow doors, people tend to think you’re a friendly, cheerful individual with a bubbly personality.

How Often Should I Replace My Front Door?

This really depends on a number of factors, there is no exact time to change your door, it also depends on different variables. A good quality front door that has been professionally fitted should last for many years without needing a replacement. These tell-tale signs may show you it’s time for a new front door.

  • Functionality – If your door isn’t working correctly and you can’t fix it, you may want to replace it for a new one.
  • Appearance – Do your front door still look good, or has it deteriorated into an old mess?
  • Price – Have replacement parts become too expensive for your old door? Would you save more by installing a new one?

We often say never judge a book by its cover, but that is what people do when they approach your home and look at the colour of your front door. It is good to know this information, as the next time you replace your front door, you may think a lot more about the colour as well as the price and design.

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