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Crazy Vape Juice Flavours You May Wish To Avoid

When you look at the various flavours of vape juice available, there are plenty of choices with something suitable for almost all tastes. Gone are the days when all you could choose from were tobacco flavour e-liquids, and there is a myriad of options available today when you look. However, there are also some strange flavours that you may want to try or avoid, depending on your preferred flavour profiles. Below are some of the more absurd e-liquid flavours that have been available that you may or may not want to give a go.

Tuna Flavour

Many people love to eat seafood, and some people like the taste when vaping, so someone came up with tuna flavour vape liquid. There are other seafood varieties available, but tuna is up there with some of the strangest flavours. The online reviews of this flavour have said that it is not a pleasant smell or taste, so this has been discontinued unsurprisingly. However, this is not the strangest vape juice available as there are plenty more going for the crown of the strangest flavour e-liquid.

Garlic Flavour

Garlic is something that people use worldwide to add taste to their food, and a few companies have tried to make an appealing garlic flavour vape juice. The online reviews of this flavour profile showed that it was better received than tuna, but it is still not a flavour that many people like to vape. You may be able to use garlic flavour e-liquid to stop you vaping if you want to give up, as it is undoubtedly an acquired taste that many people do not enjoy.

Butter Flavour

Many people like to use butter, putting it on sandwiches, toast, or using it in cooking, but have you ever craved a butter flavour vape juice? If you have, you are in luck as this flavour profile is available to buy, but there are mixed reviews about it. The online customer reviews show it has an authentic and creamy taste that some people love, and it is not overpowering like some other flavours.

Roast Chicken Flavour

There is also roast chicken flavour e-liquids that you can purchase if this is the type of flavour profile you enjoy. It is hard to know what this flavour is like without trying it, as although the product is available to buy, there are no online reviews of it. However, if you are a big fan of roast chicken, it may be worthwhile to see if you like it, and if you do purchase it, ensure you leave an online review and let everyone know what it was like and if you enjoyed it or not.

Worcestershire Sauce Flavour

Another out-of-this-world vape juice flavour is Worcestershire Sauce flavour, an English condiment used to add flavour when cooking. There are mixed reviews online of this flavour, and many people say it has an overpowering smell and flavour. However, it may be an idea to mix this flavour with another, making it more palatable.

If you are using vaping to help you quit smoking, finding the best flavour e-liquid can help you to succeed. Shop around and try as many flavours as you can until you settle on the perfect flavour profiles for you that taste much better than a cigarette.

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