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Crimes that Amplify During the Holiday Season

Holidays are a time when you would be having special moments with family and having a merry time. But unfortunately, this is not always the case, crime rates during the holiday season increase a lot as well. During the last months of the year when you celebrate more than one holiday, the rate of crimes and the number of arrests increase.

Criminal defense lawyer help in finding the truth behind the crime and whether it is a genuine one or has been forced with their experience.

Spike in crime rates could be due to several reasons. Whether extra financial stress according to expectations or the added time with the family. Here are some crimes which are minor but have seen a skyrocketing change in the past few years.


The season when you exchange gifts with loved ones could sometimes prove to be an extra financial burden. The desire to buy the right gift for family, children, spouse, could add pressure leading to shoplifting.

Most of the time they get caught and even harm themselves. A personal injury attorney looks into the case to find the source for the victim or the third party and collects evidence accordingly.

Identity Theft:

Shopping and so many cards swipe often lead to identity theft. Not just online shopping, when you are shopping physically during the holidays, such cases happen. The moment you swipe your card, and the many times you do, your identity could be used by frauds.

They could deplete your bank account by scamming, phishing. Criminal defense lawyer now covers cybercrime cases related to clients, they are the experienced professionals understanding the laws and the regulations of the court.

Drunk Driving:

This is one of the most common incidents that are witnessed during holiday seasons and all year long. Many people have lost their loved ones because of the careless driving of the third party. Ridesharing apps help people in traveling to their destination when drunk but not all take advantage of that. Personal injury attorney proves to be helpful for the victim helping them get their settlement against the insurance company and the third party.

With the internet in every home now, online scams have become one of the prime crime grounds. If you or your loved one finds themselves in any kind of danger, a lawyer could always help you in determining the right path. They can make all the difference and make the process a lot smoother.

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