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Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Freelance Permit

Getting hired for a job in Dubai or the other Emirates is a dream come true for many. Even for residents moving there, there is a lot of flexibility as far as working conditions go here. Irrespective of whether you want to set up your own business or work as a freelancer, Dubai will not disappoint. Recently, however, you will see the popularity rising for the ‘gig economy’.

With that, you can see several initiatives getting introduced in the hopes of making it cheaper and easier for freelancers to operate in Dubai. However, to be able to live and work in Dubai, you will have to apply for a Freelance Visa. A Freelance Visa is most commonly confused with a Freelance Permit. Although both essentially play the same role, they are not applicable to the same people.

What Is The Difference Between Freelance Permit And Visa?

The Freelance Permit for Dubai is basically a license that gets issued for any individual that wants to work as an independent contractor. This is the best solution for anyone who is living or visiting Dubai on their parent’s or spouse’s Visa and just needs the license to work as a freelancer. The freelancer permit, however, has to be renewed every year.

On the other hand, those who are planning to work in Dubai but are not sponsored by their spouse or parent need to apply for a Freelance Visa as well. In addition to licensing you as a freelancer in Dubai, the freelance visa Dubai also acts as a residency permit. Unlike a Freelance Permit, you are required to renew the Freelance Visa only every three years.

Who Is A Freelance Permit The Most Ideal For?

If this is your first time applying for a Freelance Permit, you might not be quite sure about what kind of job it is perfect for. Some of the most common sectors that offer freelancer eligibility in Dubai include:

  • Education
  • Tech
  • Media

For instance, if you are pursuing professions like screenwriting, acting, journalism, training, advertising, education advisor, web development or customer service, it is perfect for you to apply for a Freelance Visa.

However, it is important to note that if you are working in the Tech sector, Dubai Internet City, one of the Free Zones in Dubai, will issue the Visa for you. Otherwise, for the Education sector, the Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai Media City for the Media sector, determine your Freelance Visa.

With the information mentioned in this article, it is quite easy to understand what the Freelance Visa in Dubai entails and how it might help you to get one. Freelancing in Dubai can be a great idea given the growing economy of the country and better infrastructural facilities there.

That said, there is a rigorous application process for acquiring a Freelance Visa. It is best if you go through the procedure before applying to ensure that no confusion or complications arise. Rest assured, with the right guidance from companies like Emirabiz and a Freelance Visa, working in Dubai can be a great idea.

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