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First Trimester Pregnancy Back Pain: Causes & Prevention

Are you in the first trimester of pregnancy? The great thing about this moment is your happiness reaches a peak. You wait for the day of delivery to see the baby for the first time. But the time before the delivery and after being pregnant is tough. As your baby keeps growing, back pain during pregnancy is common. Many women experience this from the second trimester and some from the first as well. The pain mainly occurs at the sacroiliac joint due to plenty of reasons, which we will explore here.

Causes behind Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back common is pretty common as the ligaments in your body become soft. Your body stretches to prepare it for delivery. This can cause strain in the back where the pelvis meets the spine. Other possible causes include the following:


Many times women end up sitting or sleeping in the wrong posture. It shifts the center of gravity and this creates difficulty in mobility. This leads to back pain and strain.

Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, your body release relaxin, which is responsible for the loosening of the joints. The ligaments also relax that to ease the delivery process.

At the same time, progesterone releases too that again support relaxation and loosening of the muscles and joints.


Taking useless stress puts tension in the lower and upper back affecting spine. The stressful time will result in intolerable pain.

Weight Gain

In pregnancy, women gain 25-35 pounds of weight that the spine finds hard to support. As a result, lower back pain hits. Growing baby weight and expansion of the uterus also put pressure on blood vessels and nerves.

Muscle Separation

As the uterus starts expanding, the rectal abdominis muscle running from the rib cage to pubic pain can separate. This separation leads to worsening back pain.


Pregnant women must follow some preventive measures to deal with back pain during pregnancy. Do the following things to combat back pain.


The most important thing is to exercise because it will strengthen your muscle and boost flexibility. Walking, swimming, cycling, are the best thing that you can try. Do every possible pregnancy-friendly exercise. It will also help in maintaining a good weight. Start with light exercises only instead of risking two lives by doing heavy exercises. Yoga is the best and safest exercise to do.

Maintain Good Posture

Avoid sitting or standing in a drooping position. Make sure to be in a proper posture while working, sitting, and sleeping. Keep a pillow or rolled-up towel behind your back while sitting on a chair. This will prevent the development of strain.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and cold packs can do wonders for your back pain. However, ask your health care provider first before doing this. Put cold pack to the source of back pain for about 20 minutes only. After 2-3 days, use heat packs for relieving back pain. It is strongly advised not to put a heat pack on your abdomen.

Other Important Tips for Pregnant Women

  • Strictly avoid lifting heavy objects
  • While trying to pick any object from the floor, make sure to bend your knees and keeping the back straight
  • Balance the weight while carrying two bags during shopping
  • Rest as much as possible to stay come and keeping body stress away
  • Do exercise regularly as suggested and approved by your healthcare provider
  • Don’t sit or stand for prolonged hours in one place
  • If you love to wear heeled shoes, always choose low heeled ones during back pain during pregnancy

Bottom Line

By following all the above methods, you can deal with back pain during pregnancy easily. Make sure to follow them in your daily life and wherever you go.

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