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Garden Design: Tips from the Professionals

If you are about to move into a new build, or you simply wish to revamp your back garden, designing your own outdoor living space is an exciting time. One of the first things a landscape gardener will tell you about layout is to make the best use of available resources, using what is available to create a relaxing area that will serve you well throughout the summer.

  • Create a to-scale drawing – You should measure your garden space and transfer this to a large sheet of paper, drawing a border around the perimeter. The drawing should be to scale, as this allows you to see the proportions of the various aspects, such as the terrace area, the lawn, borders and other features. This allows you to calculate materials such as top soil, pavers and turf, which avoids over-ordering.
  • Patio – Of course, you will want a rest and relaxation area at the rear of the house, and with timber decking in Brisbane from an established supplier, you can order the decking, frame and all the accessories in a single shop. You will need to dig out the area and the top soil can be used to add features in other sections of the garden, to add some contour to the layout.
  • Major Features – You might, for example, like to have a pond with a flowing waterfall, or perhaps a central fountain, which are easy to build if you have a basic knowledge of groundwork. The extra top soil can be used to create a rockery in one of the far corners, which helps to balance the garden, plus you can introduce some rich colour.
  • Tools – It is vital that you have all the tools you will need; rakes, spades, shovels, a wheelbarrow, carpentry tools and a sledgehammer are all things you will need. Materials need to be delivered in good time, most suppliers will deliver for free, and once you have set your date, you can begin the project. Whatever happens, there will be a considerable amount of waste, so do order a medium sized skip, which will be used.

It is always a good idea to fill out the drawing, adding features, until you think the layout is finished. Only then can you see what you are about to create, and you can start with the terrace or at the far end of the garden, either working forward or backward.






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