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How is iodised salt different from regular salt?

A world without salt would be a tasteless world. More than any spice, or any other ingredient, Salt has the power to make or break any dish. Salt is also the biggest source of Sodium. Salt acts as an electrolyte for the body and helps keep the balance of fluids and muscle function. We Indians love our salt and use it generously in spicy lentils and curries. Most homes always have a pack or two of “iodized salt” around. But not many are sure of what “Iodized salt” means or contains, and how different it is from normal salt!

What is Iodized salt?

Iodine is a vital ingredient that is necessary for human growth, especially of the mind. It is essential to have small amounts of iodine in our diets to achieve all-round health and wellness. Iodine is an element that is often found in dairy and seafood, but our bodies cannot produce Iodine on their own. Hence iodine is added to salt. Iodised salt is technically normal salt but with added iodine. Most iodized salts are salts sprayed with Sodium Iodide or Potassium Iodide! Hence, consuming iodized salt will help in preventing an Iodine deficiency.

Normal salt, or non-iodised salt is pure NaCl and is the sea salt that you get after sea water is evaporated. This purely contains Sodium and no other element. Non-iodized salt might be available in coarser grains when compared to iodized salt. Iodized salt contains an extra important element which makes it a lucrative alternative to normal salt. Additionally, it has a tonne of benefits too!

Benefits of consuming Iodized salt

There are several benefits of consuming Iodized salt that you must know about. Here are a few of them!

Helps Thyroid functioning: Iodine is one of the preliminary elements that boosts the Thyroid gland in our body which produces the Thyroid hormone. This hormone is essential for keeping blood pressure and heart rate stable. It also regulates body temperature and the lack of iodine can cause a condition called Goitre. This condition causes serious swelling in the throat region.

Helps in development of children: Iodine that causes improvement in thyroid production is responsible for increasing bone density and mental development in children. Pregnant women are particularly advised to include Iodine as it is vital in the growth of an unborn child. The lack of Iodine can later cause speech and hearing impairments too.

Removes harsh chemical elements: Iodine removes the presence of harmful chemicals like Mercury and Lead from our bodies. These chemicals are dangerous and can lead to poisoning our bodies. Iodine expertly removes these chemicals and toxins from the body and improves overall health.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Iodine, choosing the right Iodized salt is also important. Aashirvaad Iodized Salt is one of the top-quality Iodized Salts in the market. It contains the prescribed amount of Iodine and its salt particles are made from the sea salt procured from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Aashirvaad Iodized Salt comes in a granular and easy to use form. It is manufactured after several evaporation methods and natural, high-quality sea salt. This salt pairs well with all kinds of dishes and is extremely easy to use too!

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