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How To use starshelper in online poker game

Online poker is a game that is played all over the world via the internet. Online Poker is one of the most popular gambling games and it creates more revenue for the online gambling sites. Playing poker game in offline is more expensive but the online gambling venue is a much cheaper and much smaller overhead cost of offline. Online gambling site allows more player can play game in their site at same time and its bid freeroll tournaments that means free entry for the beginner. This method attracts more players try to play the game. The beginning stage of online gambling, not that’s much secure. But nowadays the gambling sites are creating their site access to be more secure one and ease access for their players.

How to Play Online Poker?

Playing online poker is a very simple and easy one compare to other gambling games. If you are like to play poker games on your home computer or laptop the very first step you download the poker software from the trusted site. The software downloading takes only a small amount of memory. Suppose you don’t like to download software just play the game directly on the trusted site.

If you are playing the game through the downloading route you can install the software just double click the downloaded software. At this point, you can create your login details through site registration process. The account creation’s main process is age checking you are must above 18 or legal age in your jurisdiction. Next step to be depositing money now all the online gambling sites are accepting online payments like credit cards, e-wallet, and others.

Information of StarsHelper:

Starshelper is an advantage for player who can play Poker games in gambling sites. It can be utilized by equally professionals and beginners. The utility allows players to convert their stacks into Big Blinds, it generates several bet patterns in games using hotkeys, HUD, marks the table using different shades it depends on your profile setting. In that process, many processes are automatic ones, and does it create more comfort for you in the time of playing.

If you are in a problem like freezing, bored you want to secure yourself from the present state, want to see chips in BB, and know the current details for the opponents at the table you just use the stats helper.


It has many functionalities some of them here:

  • Displaying your stacks or bets in the BB
  • Bluff equity
  • HUD
  • Find the pot odds
  • Find the stack size patterns for all the situations
  • Hotkeys for the different activities
  • Handy table placement during the game
  • Setting the different color edges for the tables
  • Auto-closing for pop-ups
  • Setting some autoreply in your Timebank

The main feature is supporting the “Time Bank” in your games. This gives options to the player to enable their “TimeBank: for BB gameplay, which makes you won’t miss any move when you’re playing game in multi tables simultaneously.

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