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Is Your Office Space Outdated? Time To Move!

Your company was founded in this building decades ago, and its offices have been here ever since. Unfortunately, the office space that was once the envy of Melbourne has begun to show signs of wear and tear. The light fixtures have begun to flicker, the faucets have a steady drip, the floor has more cracks than the Sturt Stony Desert, and the panoramic window view has been replaced by a detailed study of the steel and glass skyscraper that went in next door. Yes, you love this old space, even with all its flaws, but the problem is your new employees don’t share your nostalgic fondness, and your customers, well, they double-check to see if they are really in the right place, not a good first impression for your business!

So, maybe it’s time to pick up and move shop? It’s a daunting task, but if you decide it’s your best course, don’t worry, office removals in Melbourne are made easy with the help of Australian Business Relocations, moving specialists who can make it all happen for you with ease. So, if the flickering lights aren’t enough to persuade you, let’s look at some other signs that an office move is in your business’s best interests.

Outdated Building – Yes, we’ve discussed the decrepit state of affairs on the interior, chances are the exterior isn’t much better, and probably worse. That whole thing about first impressions really does carry some weight, so if your office is housed in a building that was new in 1962, chances are it hasn’t stood the test of time, and will probably never be in style again… ever. Time to move!

Poor Location – Much like the building itself, chances are it’s in an area of town that has fallen on harder times, and the heart of the modern business district is somewhere else now. Even if your building is still shipshape, there might not be enough parking any more, or public transportation doesn’t come close enough to be convenient. Time to move!

Too Small – Back when it was just Grandpa and a small staff getting things started your current office had plenty of room, but now you’ve grown and space is at a premium. If your workers are packed in like sardines and you’re meeting with customers in the lobby, then, yes, you know what I’m going to say -Time to move!

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