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Playerzpot- the best fantasy cricket platform

The Playerzpot platform provides the best experience of all the fantasy games including the fantasy cricket, football and many more. This web portal was launched in the year 2017 and provides both android and iOS-based apps. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the world of fantasy game and because of this, the industry has become very much innovative and interesting. The platform also provides various other features like cashback, bonus and many prizes to the users.

Cricket is considered to be one of the most favorite games of all the people across the globe. With the help of fantasy cricket game app, one can have the delight and thrill of the real cricket game. The app helps to provide a wide range of formats from which one can select as per the convenience and interest of the person playing. People can very well use their existing skills so that they can win. If they have a lot of knowledge about the game then this is the best platform to utilize it side by side by winning a lot of cash prizes. The app also provides up-to-date information on various kinds of matches going on and upcoming matches. This platform is very much user-friendly and interesting which is the main reason behind its popularity.

The game begins with the formulation of a team of 11 players from a group of 30 players. People can choose these 11 players based on their performance and the user will get points according to the performance on ground, wickets and the catches which will be compared to the other players in the live going on the match. This is a great medium to have the real action of the real cricket with a least of the efforts in the physical model. The user gets the greatest experience of having a wide range of formats from which they can select and pick players. One can play this on any device. The company provides both paid and free services for the players. One has to pick the required number of batsmen, wicketkeeper and the bowlers along with the all-rounder’s to make a team of 11 players. Two among them have to be selected as captain and vice-captain for the team.

 One can play this game with several motives like earning cash prizes or having a thrill to enjoy the actual game. One will experience the real feel of victory when one wins the match. One will always have a feel of belongingness with the team because the game of cricket is always engrossing especially for the Indian fans. Another great benefit of this game is that one can earn a good amount of money by playing this and in case one wants to become a pro, then one can also check out the tips available on the app so that one can win very easily. The game of cricket always holds a great place in the minds and hearts of Indian people. This is another reason behind the popularity of this game and app. The love for the game is endless. This platform not only provides with the opportunity to use the knowledge of cricket and skills but also provides an opportunity to build up the team and win the matches.

 To enter into the world of fantasy game is never difficult and one just needs a mobile number or the email address. In a more simplified manner, one can join this platform using the Google and Facebook account as well. One just needs to enter the essentials so that one can begin with the game. This platform is considered highly legal and secure. One can play on this platform without any kind of worry. This is considered to be a skill-based game and not fall under the category of gambling and is hundred percent legal in nations like India.It provides seamless transfer of money into the accounts and is a highly safe and secure platform.

 The procedure to play the game is very easy, user friendly and has been mentioned as follows:

  1. The person who wants to play the game has to register or login onto the official website of the Playerzpot.
  2. After this, one has to select the particular match which one wants to play and then one has to hit the join button.
  3. At this stage, one has to create a team of 11 players which includes one wicketkeeper, maximum three all-rounder’s, maximum of five bowlers, maximum five batsmen using the virtual budget provided by the company. The virtual budget is of 1000 gems.
  4. After all these decisions, one has to take another crucial decision of selecting the star player and captain of the team. This has to be very carefully decided because the star player will get 2X points and the Captain will get 1.5 X points. So, to win and secure maximum points, one has to take these decisions very carefully. This is the phase which requires strategy formulation and will help in scoring a good amount of money. This is a mind-based game and requires various strategies to be implemented during the game.
  5. After the live match starts, one will get the points depending upon the actual performance of the players which one has selected. The result and the final points will be declared after the end of the match.

 Playing this game offers a large number of benefits to all the players. Some of the most common benefits availed by using the new fantasy cricket app have been mentioned as follows:

  1. One can refer to the people and get a lifetime bonus.
  2. One can also link the bank account and the Paytm account with this so that withdrawal can be done very easily.
  3. One can undertake various kinds of weekly tasks and earn good amount of money.
  4. There are several offers on the platform so that one can win extra prizes and cashback.

 Hence, to enjoy the game smoothly and effortlessly, one must go with this platform.

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