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Reasons Why Tanzania Is The Best Country For A Safari

Tanzania’s iconic national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer some of the finest safari experiences in Africa. Whether you’re looking for the big cats, massive herds of wildebeest or exotic spice islands on the coast, there are safaris here to suit every traveler.

Northern Tanzania is home to the Serengeti and other iconic parks such as Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara. These are Tanzania’s most popular destinations.

The Big Five

Tanzania is home to the largest protected game reserves and national parks in East Africa, making it one of the best destinations for a Big Five safari. Its year-round Wildebeest Migration — the world’s largest animal migration — and historic Olduvai Gorge draw millions of visitors every year.

But arguably the most thrilling wildlife experience is an undiluted face-to-face encounter with the iconic Big Five: elephant, African buffalo, leopard, black rhino and lion. These animals are often difficult to spot on bush walks, but game drives are usually the most reliable way to see them in their natural habitats.

Whether you’re an experienced wildlife enthusiast or an adrenaline junkie, Tanzania is the place to go. Its renowned national parks and reserves, with their dazzling displays of wildlife, offer a truly exhilarating experience that will stay with you forever.

Cultural Experiences

Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa. Home to over 130 different tribes, each with their own traditions, beliefs and language.

Many safaris in Tanzania incorporate some element of a cultural experience. Whether it is a chance to walk, talk and live with a Maasai tribe; meet a local Iraqw family or head out hunting with the Hadzabe Bushmen, these experiences offer an insight into a different way of life.

The Maasai are famous for their herding skills and they live in small villages (called bomas) made from mud, cow dung and wood. They have a distinctive style of dress and are renowned for their pride, intelligence and assertiveness.

The Masai are arguably the most visited indigenous tribe in East Africa and are one of the most fascinating to meet. They have a strong sense of community and are incredibly friendly.

Off the Beaten Track

Tanzania is home to some of the world’s most famous national parks. From the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to Lake Manyara and Tarangire, there are so many reasons to visit this country.

But if you’re not one for crowds or want to experience wildlife in a more remote setting, Tanzania also offers a range of other safari options. These include the remote southern circuit and other lesser-known spots that are still highly popular amongst Tanzanians.

The Ruaha, Katavi and Mahali national parks are all located in this area and offer a unique opportunity to witness the extraordinary animals that call these regions home. They host 10% of Africa’s lions, several packs of endangered wild dogs and the largest population of elephants in East Africa.


Tanzania is a beautiful place and it is easy to see why tourists from all over the world want to explore its natural wonders. But it is also important to be aware that these adventures come with a price tag, and the cost of your safari will depend on a number of factors, including tourist activities, accommodation type and your number of days in the country.

You can still have a fantastic African safari within a budget by booking a cheap safari to Tanzania. You can opt for a group safari, camping safari or self-drive safari, all of which can save you money.

Another way to save on your safari is to visit in the low or shoulder season when both accommodation and tour prices are lower. However, be aware that many areas get more visitors during these times so you may not get the same quality of experience as you would during the peak season.

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