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Sending Your Car For Recycling

Recycling firms are just one of the unsung players of the automobile world. Although the majority of people are acquainted with the 2200 accredited authorised treatment facilities (ATFs)– automobile scrapyards and dissembling to you and me– on the fringes of our towns and cities, the likes of recycling companies are a relative secret.

We’re doing the hefty role, not the vehicle manufacturers. We get very little support. We even need to acquire the scrap cars. Scrap car Singapore companiesstate that although approximately 75% of a vehicle is metal and reasonably simple to recycle, what lingers– plastics, composites, carbonfibre and glassfibre– requires a big investment from the recycling market to process. This remaining percentage of a scrapped car is, he states, how the car market can assert to have hit its 95% target.

The End of Life Automobile Regulation

With 2.47 million new car sales captured in 2014– the highest for a 10 years– it indicates lots of old cars will have wound up at the scrap heap. In fact, it is estimated that over 1 million automobiles are crushed yearly.

The European Union decided to act versus the 8-9 million tonnes of defunct automobiles going into landfill annually. With the number of vehicles distributed increasing, it understood the quantity being discarded was just going to escalate.

The End of Life Automobile Regulation puts the responsibility for vehicles that had come to the end of their life back in the hands of the maker. It covers components of how producers develop passenger automobiles and light business automobiles.

As a result, vehicle makers cannot make use of certain toxic products such as cadmium, lead and mercury in cars. And they should design engines to make it simpler to recoup, recycle and reuse components and materials.

Vehicles need to additionally be brought to an ATF where they can be dismantled. The regulations dictate that from January 2015, 95 percent of the car have to be recuperated and recycled.

Certificate of Destruction

Before you scrap your car, you will need to alert the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that you are scrapping the vehicle. You will, or else, be liable for any tax or traffic offences. After your automobile has been crushed, the DVLA will send you a Certificate of Destruction, which is typically posted out within 7 days of you taking it to an ATF.

When you hand your automobile over to an ATF, you ought to get a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). This signifies your vehicle will never ever drive on the street again.

The CoD is an important piece of records. If you do not have one for your vehicle, you can still be accountable for tax and penalties if the car is involved in a traffic offence. An ATF needs to inform you if it chooses it can fix and re-sell your vehicle.

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