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Tackling Your Office Refurbishment Project & Ensuring It Is Successful

Is your office starting to look a bit worse for wear? Do you need to change your office layout to meet new challenges? Could you use some helpful information about the options available when refurbishing the workplace? If so, please read on as we’ll look at how to go about planning your office refit, the main areas for you to focus on and how they might work together to create an efficient, productive, and aesthetically pleasing modern office environment. In a business world with ever-changing demands providing your staff with a bright and comfortable workspace will mean they are creative and engaged and give you their best work.

Starting Out on Your Project

At the outset, see your office refurbishment as not a burden but an exciting opportunity to take your company to the next level. Do some initial research; the internet is an invaluable tool in this respect; searching for ‘office refurbishment Cheltenham’ or something similar will give you a listing of local specialists. Take some time to view the different products or systems, making a note of any you might use for your project; in the course of your research, you may also find a suitable refurbishment specialist to partner with. Having done that, some great initial steps are as follows –

  • Identify your goals and set your budget.
  • Appoint a project manager or form a project team.
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions with staff to collect ideas and any specific wants.
  • Create a design brief for the installer to work from.
  • Look at dates and draw up a project timetable.

It’s always good practice to keep your staff advised about the project; briefing sessions keep them engaged and informed about what is happening; this helps to maintain work levels during the process. Now let’s look at some areas of interest.

The Office Components

Any modern and contemporary office environment is a sum of its parts, all combining and complementing each other to form the end product; important areas to focus on are as follows –

  • Floor layout – to maximise efficient workflow, modern partitioning systems are used to divide the available space, and glazed partitions are popular as they allow healthy natural light to flow through the workplace.
  • Décor – an uplifting but subtle colour scheme can combine with green planting to form a welcoming environment and keep staff happy and creative.
  • Lighting – crucially important to make sure light levels are correct in all areas to ensure staff well-being and productivity.
  • Furniture – Modern ergonomically designed office furniture is highly functional and adds to the overall aesthetic outlook.
  • Staff areas – providing your workforce with places to relax in their downtime is a superb idea; they’ll return to work re-energised.
  • Infrastructure – Upgrading IT and office equipment such as copiers and increasing the available data and electrical sockets can all improve your company’s functionality.

This is not a complete listing; go through your design brief from floor to ceiling until you’re happy with the final design brief, and then you’re ready to contact local refurbishment specialists and begin your project.

With your insight and ideas, you can transform your tired and dated existing office into one where staff are happy to come to work, and you’re proud to show off to visiting clients. Get starting with your office refurbishment today!

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