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Top reasons why people buy fake id

Moving into your twenties is a great feeling. You’re no longer a teenager. You finally have the chance to move out and be independent. And of course, you can finally get your hands on some good old beer. Well, of course, the legal age for drinking and entering a bar may vary from country to country, but the general feeling is the same. To enter into a bar, you’ll need valid identification. Here are some reasons why youngsters are increasingly starting to buy fake id.

Entering bars:

It is no secret that youngsters always have a bit of a knack for thrill-seeking. The prospecting of chilling out at a bar or a nightclub is tempting for most people. The only way people below the legal drinking age can enter bars is by using a fake id. A convincing fake Id will most certainly grant you access to your favorite bar or night club.

Going on dates:

Well, there certainly is no better feeling as a teenager than impressing your crush. Going to a bar or a club and chilling for the night can certainly be a great place for a dating option. Hence this is another reason why most people take up fake identification.


Back in the day, it was much easier to get your Facebook account verified. However, the simplistic nature of the process also led to a place for a lot of people creating fake accounts and impersonating other people online. This became a huge problem and led to serious cases of identity theft. To combat this, Facebook started asking new users to submit id proof to verify their Facebook account. This led to an increase in people wanting to buy fake id. So you may want to purchase a fake identification if you want to create a new Facebook account.


Another less common reason why people purchase fake identification is to prank their friends or siblings. Such identification is often referred to as novelty id. There is a difference between a fake id and a novelty id. Fake id is normally used for people willing to associate themselves as part of a certain group or a certain demographic for an extended period. A novelty id is used for the sole purpose of pranking someone you know and is mostly temporary. It also requires less effort to make.


The last yet most notorious reason for using a fake id is to take someone else’s identity. Some people use a fake id to open bank accounts or steal important information of a person that they normally won’t have access to. Such practices are strictly prohibited and can lead to serious consequences for the offender. The consequences can range from simple fines to even jail time depending on the magnitude of the crime.

These are some of the top reasons people use fake identification. When creating a fake identification, be careful, and ensure you use it only for trivial purposes.

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