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Travel Tips – Best Locations to Ride Horses in Iceland

Have you been planning to travel to Iceland for your vacation? Although there are travel restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is a prudent idea to start planning your vacation as early as now. Icelandic horses are popular all over the world. You can find them in different parts of the world including America, Europe, and Africa.

But you can only get the authentic experience of Icelandic horses when you ride them in their authentic environment. Iceland is a volcanic land that enjoys extreme and long winters as well as other seasons. Once you are here, these are the best locations to ride horses.

Reykjavík Horse Tours

This is where you will get most horse tours in Iceland. Many companies organize horse riding around the lava fields and forest trails. When choosing a tour around this area, ensure that they are guided and include some extras such as lunch or snacks. Every Icelandic horse tour around Reykjavík is a fun experience whether it’s in winter or summer since the views are incredible. The Icelandic horses never disappoint the riders and they are very friendly.

Fludir Horse Riding Tour – South Iceland

Another famous region you can visit is Fludir, which is a small village located in the southern part of Iceland. The fun part is riding Icelandic horses in their authentic environment. Experienced guides offer their clients tips on how to ride the Icelandic ponies and also give their history since they arrived in the region. By the end of the rocky tours, many horse riders confirm to have enjoyed their tour from beginning to end.

The Horse Farm in Mosfellsdalur

This beautiful valley full of volcanic rocks and scenic views is what you will enjoy when you book your tour with It is a one-day horseback riding tour that is open all year round. Apart from enjoying the real Icelandic tour, you will also learn a lot about the ponies and the people of Iceland. To sum it all up, visitors are treated with a lunch of local cuisine at the farm. Both individuals and families can book and enjoy the tour.

Nupshestar in Selfoss Horse Riding Tour

Any time you are in Selfoss, do not hesitate to try the Nupshestar horse riding tour. Any reputable tour company organizes a day trip across with the help of an experienced tour guide. Although the flat desert-like area is great for horse racing, even beginners can still enjoy riding gently without any rush. Just like many other Icelandic horse tours, you can have lunch at the farm as a group before you complete your day.

Polar Hestar – North Iceland Horse Tour

Since 1985, this area has been open for horse riding and giving the visitors an incredible experience. This small village in the northern part of the region has a rich history and some of the best scenic views. According to various reviews, you will hardly regret riding an Icelandic horse around this area, especially when your tour guide has enough experience.

Be sure to book any of these horse tours to enjoy being in Iceland. Your vacation will not be complete if you do not book one. All the best as you choose the best.

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