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What are the features of a search engine results page of Google?

What is SERP?

You would have heard this term often if you are in the digital marketing industry. SERP is nothing but that page you see when you search for anything in a search engine like Google. This search engine results page would contain several features along with the various webpages that are related to your search query. If you own a website and want to know its performance, it is necessary to analyze this SERP for every target keyword. You can find a free SERP checker to analyze these SERPs. However, it is better to know what are all the features of a SERP before going into the analysis part. In this article, let us look at these features in brief. 

Features of a SERP


Webpages are the inevitable part features of a search engine results page. These are the websites that contain the necessary information that can fulfill your intent of the search. For instance, if you search fashion companies on Google, you will get a list of webpages from various fashion companies and blogs. Everything will be relevant to your search and you can choose the right one to get the information. You will see these pages in the form of links with the page title. 

Meta description

It is a short description of the links present on the search engine results page. You can understand the type of webpage by reading this description itself. Either the developers will add the wordings of these descriptions in their way or the search engine itself will allocate a set of lines to the description from the original page. If you plan accordingly and make use of keywords in this meta description, it will be helpful for SEO purposes. 

Google Ads or SEM Adverts

Sometimes, you will see “ad” below the top results of a SERP. It means that those are the adverts paid by those companies for placing their links at the top of the SERP for specific keywords. Since the majority of people are searching everything on Google, businesses are finding it useful to pay Google to place these ads on the search results page. Since they appear at the top, they will get more clicks and visitors. So, the business will grow. However, there are some procedures to follow to get your links in that space. All those webpages present below these ads are called organic ranking pages, and there is no fee to rank there. 

Also search for suggestions

Another minor feature of a SERP is the provision of suggestions on the popular search terms that are related to your queries or keywords. If you click them, you will get to see another list of webpages. 

Google business information

There is an option in Google to provide business information for all companies. Whenever a user searches for something that is closely related to your business, your information will appear at the top right corner of the SERP.

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