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What Is Privnote?

If you wish to be very private with your messages then privnote is for you. We all want a certain way of communication where our messages do not get seen by anyone else other than the person that we wish to. We want to enjoy that private space and private communications without any interference or fear of being caught. This is also important if the information that you want to communicate is very sensitive and personal. However, we are not able to find any such medium.

This is the reason we have privnote. Your privacy must be respected at all costs and your information should be received and seen by only those people whom you send it. This is the reason we introduce to you in this article privnote. Stick with us and learn about it.

Exploring Privnote

All those classified information for your office or work or friends or family should now be sent through privnote. Why? Because it offers you the security that you wish and respects your privacy concerns. It is an absolutely free website that has the power to let you actually deliver all those secret and private stuff in an absolutely fast method. It has a very quick delivery and there are hardly any obstructions except your internet.

You do not need to have any registration process as such. Moreover, you can access the website at any time of the day and for any amount of minutes or hours that you wish to. There is no money that will be charged for anything. The website is very secure and has no additional processes. The mechanics of the website are very simple and quick. Just type what you want to, finish it quickly and generate a link.

Copy it and then find the place you want to share it and paste it there. Make sure you have an active internet connection and send it in no time through whichever way you want to. The hyperlink that you share would work once if that is the setting or interval that you choose. So, the person sees it, exits and he/she will never be able to see it again. Privnote keeps it private and the person will see that the hyperlink is nowhere to exist anymore.

You also have the option to extend the time for whatever time you choose, the maximum is 30 days and the minimum is one read. Privnote offers it because at times you might need to see some messages a few more times than just one. Well, yes it is better than it is for one read-only but you can choose the other options if it is necessary.

You can also take care of the link if you sent it by mistake. Just paste it on the browser and see it for yourself, once it gets seen, you are done, the link gets destroyed and you are safe and so is the information. So, go explore privnote and see how it benefits you.

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